Factory planning / process planning

  • Workstation layout and material flow planning
  • Optimization of manufacturing processes
  • Tool planning
  • 3D simulation of production lines
  • Generating machine floor plans
  • Data acquisition for production, building and building services
  • Escape route plans
  • Production hall layout


  • Design of automated production lines
  • Design of flexible assembly systems (manual / automated) with optimized material handling engineering
  • Introduction / optimization of workpiece carrier systems
  • Synchronized feeding systems
  • Workpiece-related feeding of parts

Tool design

  • Clamping and processing fixtures
  • Tools, gauges and testing equipment
  • Generating tooling diagrams with CAD and databases
  • Setup plans, schedules and tooling diagrams for large-scale production

Welding technology

  • Diffusion welding machine for anchor
  • Clamping fixtures, welding fixtures
  • Welding subframes
  • Plant and pressure vessel construction

Automotive body manufacturing

  • Welding fixtures / welding installations
  • Cutting tools, progressive dies
  • Progression tools
  • Stamping technology

Technical documentation

  • Operating manuals / maintenance instructions
  • CE standardization / certifications
  • Pneumatic / hydraulic plans
  • 3D models for factory planning or trade fair presentations

Structural mechanics

  • Strength calculations for machine parts and structures
  • Strength calculations for steel and welded constructions, especially under dynamic stress
  • Analysis of structures with consideration of inelastic material behavior as well as plastic deformation
  • Analysis of damage to machine machine parts and steel structures to determine the cause of failure

Installation expertise

  • in our assembly hall, until commissioning and acceptance testing
  • in your company
  • Maintenance work

Control technology

  • Automate production processes
  • Wiring of control units and fieldbus networks
  • Modernize existing systems or machines
  • Planing and adjustment of all components until implementation and commissioning
  • Creation of circuit diagrams

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